About Me

Thanks for stopping in!  I’m Marilyn, and this is my little part of the world that I get to share with all of you.  I spend time between caring for my two loving daughters, my full-time job, my boyfriend, and of course finding ways to balance everything in between.
Being a mom has changed me, made me less concerned about what people think, and more willing to face truths that some days I prefer not even to acknowledge exist. My girls, Hannah and Gabrielle, are the most amazing gifts and I treasure watching them grow.
My work is enjoyable, full of challenges, tight deadlines, and an ever-changing road map.  There all days where all there is to show is a bruised forehead for banging my head against the wall, but hey, I’m passionate about what I do.
My boyfriend, Nick, is laid-back, sweet, funny, and completely gets me.  He proves that nothing comes close to being with your best friend.
Ok, enough of that.  I’m about to get a cavity from all this sweetness.
I hope from my posts that you find down-to-earth, everyday reflections of life.  There are some hobbies that I’m interested in posting about, such as calligraphy, cross-stitching, book reviews, etc., but we’ll see how this goes.


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