Why I will never own a Coach bag

This is my first post and so making a good first impression was essential, as one would expect.  I also want to let readers know who I am and not misrepresent in any way.

The reason this post has its name or theme is because it sums up a part of me that is against the grain.  It isn’t to turn my nose down at the quality or brand that is Coach.  It isn’t to say that anyone who owns a Coach bag is a certain type of person or that I’m better than them so let’s get that straight.

What it does represent is the sole reason I don’t own or will ever own a Coach item is because practically everyone I see has one. I will admit, I did want one years ago.  But then they started catching my eye more often than I ever expected.  It became a game of how many I could count on an outing.  It’s an amazing phenomenon, I see them everywhere: sitting on bleachers at high school football games, attached to strollers at the mall, hanging from shoulders of moms taking their kids to school, on top of the desks at work, in grocery store carts, just everywhere.

The overexposure of the brand has taken away the powerful draw it used to have for me.   It is supposed to be a luxury item.  And although I can appreciate luxury, I’m not fancy, I don’t need it.  I’m the kind of person that will not pay hundreds of dollars to own something that is common, everyday, or dare I say it:  mundane (gasp).

I wonder if women buy them because of the quality or because they want what it is supposed to represent.  Can Coach maintain quality and it’s reputation at this level of demand?  And does it even represent high quality or luxury anymore?

I’m interested to hear what others think, be it good, bad, or indifferent.  Please share and thank you for reading!